40 weeks - and a few days more...

Well, I passed the 40 week mark and the Blissful baby hasn't joined us yet. Apparently he's been fully engaged and ready to go for over a week now, but I guess he just doesn't feel like yet. A bit of laid back Aussie in there I think. Perhaps he's waiting for the sun to shine again.

I am quite happy and not too worried yet. After all the craziness of work, renovations and uni, I am enjoying a few extra days of rest. I saw the midwife today and all is well. My blood pressure is the same as it was pre-pregnancy when I was fit and healthy and had the ability to run 5km. This is great news as it means they are more than happy to leave me alone for another week. She did offer to book me in for induction but I declined, we can talk about that next week if he hasn't emerged.

Baby is all good too. Apparently he has a long body which he must get from daddy as it certainly isn't from me - even with his head fully engaged his bum is in my ribs!

Here's what bump looks like at 40 weeks.

40 weeks + 1
I think it has dropped a bit since the 37 week shot. I measured my 'waist' on the day I turned 40 weeks too! 48" or 122cm... hmmm

People have started to guess when bubba will arrive - my mum says he will arrive on a Sunday, though she didn't say which Sunday. Her theory is based on the fact that she, the eldest in our family, was born on a Tuesday, my dad on a Wednesday, me (her first born) on a Thursday, her 2nd on a Friday and the 3rd on a Saturday. Grandchild number 1 shall therefore arrive on a Sunday - well, it's as good a theory as any!

Meanwhile, I have more time to practice patience... Though having said that, I came home from the midwife today and wrote a new To Do list, may as well make the most of my time...

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  1. Love to hear your updates as usual and all sounds pretty healthy, that's great. Having plenty of time before baby gets here is smart that way you rested for the birth. All the best on the birth on Sunday..which ever Sunday it will be.It about as good as anything when he will arrive. Your parents will be over the moon like you will be too when the little lad finally gets here.

  2. Wonderful to have an update. I can see bub has dropped. Great you're feeling well and patient and enjoying this time. Still sending lots of easy labour vibes, and can't wait to see your new little man when he's decided he's ready for the world.

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to see some pics. Here's hoping you have a safe and wonderful delivery.