The tiredness and tedium of a third trimester building project - and other stuff

I think I can definitely say that the tiredness of the third trimester has set in. The combination of sleepless nights, carrying a water melon and some reasonably hard physical labour for a desk jobber, is starting to take it's toll. I am trying to pace myself, but it is hard when there is so much to do.

There has been progress since the last post.

Here are all the books in their new home -I'm not showing the rest of the room as the floor is covered in things for the new kitchen.

At the moment the books are just plonked on the shelves, waiting for me to have time to sort them more appropriately. I am enjoying their randomness at the moment though. My favourite shelf is the third one down in the middle - this houses a wonderfully eclectic range of publications which include The Holy Bible, Knock Yourself Up, Teach Yourself Recorder, a bit of economic theory, some James Lovelock, some Thich Nhat Hanh, and Frankie Bolye's autobiography! 

The cloakroom is done - with the exception of the floor. I now have a place for coats and shoes for the first time since I moved in, and some shelves that aren't even full yet - bet that wont take long!

Moving the shelves out of the old office meant that the nursery to be was now empty, enabling me to get to work on filling the holes where the shelves came from and painting the wall. This is now complete and the wardrobe and drawers have been ordered... 

The bathroom saw a little progress this week too. I am amazed at how long this has taken. When I was getting quotes I was told it could take a week - here we are a month in! Not too much more to do, but I hesitate to put a finish date on it. Soon I hope -  can't wait to have a shower instead of having to maneuver my incredible bulk in and out of the bath tub every day.

The water is connected in the laundry and downstairs loo now, the washing machine has moved to it's new home and the tumble dryer arrives tomorrow.

Work on the kitchen still hasn't started - it was supposed to be this week, but now it is next... once again I have given up on the idea of a finish date. Just SOOON PLEEEEASE!!!!!

I am slowly getting the garden going too. The potatoes are growing like crazy, the strawberries are in flower, the salad leaves are coming along nicely and I have enough tomato plants to start a nursery. I am trying to pluck up the courage to plant the sweet peas along the chicken fence but I fear I will be committing be planticide when I do. I sewed courgette, butternut squash and two types of climbing bean in the propagator today and attacked a few weeds with my hoe.

Today I washed my car, for what I have decided is the last time before bubba joins us - basically because there is a big dirty line down the middle of the roof that I could't reach! Ah well - the rest looks better, but I think next time it will be Jo's carwash!

Other events this week include losing my job! When having the discussion about maternity leave and my return to work it was dropped in to the conversation that our project funding will end in July and none of the team have jobs! Grand! To make it a little worse, no one had bothered to tell us - they assumed we knew (hmmm, so one wonders what the meeting we had just before the holidays about all the new paperwork processes and procedures they are bringing in for us next year was all about!). So, it was left to me to break the news to my colleagues which was less than fun, one person just resigned from a permanent job just before Easter to join us full time. I think the conditions of my maternity leave are that they have to offer me something, but I don't know what this will be yet. 19 more working days left BTW - and counting!

I also started my childbirth classes. The teacher is fab and so considerate too. She rang me the day before and asked if I was ok with the fact that everyone else was in couples, and to warn me that there would be lots of talk about 'dads'. I managed to reassure her that my baby has a dad too, and that I will be well supported in the delivery suite, which I think is what she was most worried about. She also mentioned that one of the couples was coming from March, and would you believe it I know them!  Well the guy at least. His parents and my parents were friends when we were little kiddies ourselves. We worked out that we met when we were about 4 and hadn't seen each other since leaving school. The class was really good too, a brilliant combination of laid back, informative and fun. The other couples all seem lovely and I do hope I make some new friends. Two of the women share the same due date as me.

It is starting to feel a bit more real that there is a baby in there. I now have pretty much everything baby needs, including his clothes. Really looking forward to meeting him now and find myself laying in bed, imagining him gurgling next to me.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Emma and I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, writer, teacher, coach and mentor. I am passionate about eating real food, learning, travel and health. I get to spend my days with my amazing son who has chosen to learn from the world rather than at school. We write to share the life we love and to help others create a life they love too.

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