Making Plans

Once again I am making plans to move on.

Though I love my life in Alice, I am ready for a change. As usual I am not sure what that is yet, but I have an idea that I might like to live in Tasmania, and that I might go the long way round to get there.

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There are so many gorgeous spots en route that i may get stuck in for a week, a month, a year... so who knows what could happen.

I have a few months in Alice yet, though I am moving out of my house in the next few weeks, prior to my visit to the UK - I should be at the beach for xmas though.

If anyone fancies joining me on the roadtrip get in touch. (places indicated are merely to get google maps to show that it will be a coastal trip - lots more places not listed to stop off and see on the way)

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  1. Lucky you, that sounds like a great time. Wish I could come with you, but two years of school to do.
    Love Lisa

  2. Happy to report that my good friend Sue came along for the ride - though we went a different way: South to Adelaide, and coast to Melbourne, from where I took the boat to Tassie and Sue flew off to Sydney.