A trip to Laramba Community

One of the things I do for work is travel out to remote communities to work with teachers. One of my favourites is Laramba. Laramba is about 200km North West of Alice Springs.
Laramba is located on Anmatjerre Country.

The Anmatyerre region covers a large section of central Australia approximately 100 km north of Alice Springs, the major township in Central Australia. Communities located within the region include Nturiya (Old Ti Tree Station), Pmara Jutunta (6 Mile), Willowra, Laramba (Napperby Station) and the rural township of Ti Tree. What is today known as the Anmatyerre region has significant overlap with Warlpiri, Arrernte and Alyawarre language communities. Many people come from two or three different language groups. In 1974 the traditional lands of the Anmatjera people in N.B. Tindale's Aboriginal Tribes of Australia were described as covering an area of 11,200 square miles (29,100 km²). [From wikipedia]

I love the fact that my work gives me the opportunity to drive through some amazing country and work with some amazing people.

The first thing you come across as you head north from Alice on the Stuart Highway is the Tropic of Capricorn marker. This is located at latitude 23 -442028 and longitude 133-833111. After going north on the highway for about 120km you come to the turn off into the community.

This is a typical central Australian road.

You know you are getting close to the community when the termite mounds start wearing clothes!

You can see the whole community in this photograph. the whitish diagonal line running from N to SW is a river (dry) and the thick red diagonal line in the middle is the airstrip.
You may notice several spellings of Anmatyerr throughout this post - this is because there was no written language until white fella linguists came along, and they just don't seem to agree on the spelling too often. My best phonetics as to how you might go about pronouncing such a word is amudgera- linguists may disagree with that too!

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  1. It great an look at your life at work. I found it interesting, keep it up. The March clips were funny, I hope the person behind the camera was thinner than those in front of it.hee...
    Love Lisa

  2. Yeah if I could make it March Fest I'd be breathing in for sure!!!