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In 1999 I had a serious motorbike accident in Thailand. No metaphors for me, I was literally hit by a truck. It was a life changing moment. Prior to that I had worked myself into the ground as a high school teacher in England. I was so low and depleted that I had quit my job and left the county on a one way ticket, knowing that whatever happened would be better than if I stayed. The accident occurred less than 4 weeks into my trip. It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but I can honestly say it's the best thing that could have happened. Sometimes the universe delivers what you need in ways you wouldn't predict. After being picked up off the road by a total stranger, I was diligently cared for and stitched back together at a country hospital, and a few hours later I WOKE UP! (physically, mentally and spiritually). I could feel all my fingers and toes, I could see and hear, and through the experience I had been gifted a profoundly deep gratitude for my life. Although I can still get caught up in the hum drum and veer off track sometimes, for the most part I make a conscious decision about how I look at things, and about the choices I make. I'm determined to get to my death bed with few regrets, inspired to create a life I really want to live, and I'm committed to helping others do the same. I began writing A Blissful Life in 2007. Initially it was just to share photos with folks far away but it has evolved with me and taken on new directions as I have. It's seen me living and working in Central Australia and witnessed my decision to return to the UK for an extended period to spend time with family. It followed my journey as I decided not to allow the absence of Mr Right to prevent me from becoming a mother, and was there when I became a Single Mum by Choice (SMC). I gave birth to the Blissful Boy in 2011 and it became all things baby, including losing your baby weight, trying to conceive again, miscarriages, child development, family, crafts, travelling with kids, cooking with kids, healthy recipes... In 2015 the Blissful Boy and I returned to Australia. It wasn't easy to leave the family behind again, but I knew it was the right choice for us. Our journey has continued to unfold in ways we wouldn't have predicted, but which are perfect for us.

After two attempts at traditional schooling, one in the UK which lasted for 2 half days, and a second in Australia, 18 months later, which lasted for about 30 days, we realised that a formal / traditional education setting was not going to suit the Blissful Boy. He was disappointed and uninspired. I could see how the education system was crushing his spirit and destroying his love of learning and his creativity. So in May of 2016 we made the decision for the Blissful Boy to homeschool/worldschool and for the Blissful Mama to continue building an income online. The life that has opened up for us since making this choice is better than anything I could have planned.
We follow a natural learning / unschooling approach and we use the world as our classroom. As I work online we are free to be wherever we want whenever we want. My tag line is that we can earn from anywhere and learn from everywhere. What we have found is that we can create a life we really want to live. A life of freedom, without anyone saying when I should be at work or when BB should be at school. A life where the curriculum is life itself. A place where knowledge has a purpose and where social skills are learned in a real, multi age, multi cultural, multi class society. A place where get to be our real selves.

I am passionate about helping others to create a life they REALLY want to LIVE. I do this through a coaching process that helps people to get clear in where they are at and where they want to be. We can all get caught up in life and forget how to dream about what we really want. We all have perceived limits on what is possible for us. I help people to move through that and create a vision for their future that inspires them. I am a qualified IIN Health Coach, a Licensed Equilibrator and a Momentum Coach. If you're keen to know more about this visit my business site Emma Bliss - Integrative Health Coach 

I also promote a healthy lifestyle program known as The Juicy Body Transformation or the JBT, which has enabled me to transform my own health. I have a business opportunity to share if you are keen to escape the rat race yourself - contact me here if you'd like to know more about that.

A Blissful Life continues to be dear to me, not just because it holds our stories, but also because it provides a creative outlet and keeps me accountable to living my best life through my values of health, travel, connection and learning. I am open to hosting sponsored content providing it fits with my values and is of interest to my readers. Posts that are sponsored or which contain affiliate links will be openly disclosed and all opinions will be my own unless otherwise stated. Please contact me here if you wish to discuss your opportunity. 
So... Are you interested in creating the life you really want to live? I truly believe that anyone can escape the rat race if they really want to, and I’d love to help you find a way to do more of what you love. After all, the you in this form will only live once. Why not make that life the best it can be!

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