My Weight Loss Journey

This originally began as a weight loss journey, though once I had been on the elimination diet and felt so much healthier without grains, legumes, dairy and sugar in my diet it became more about my health and wellbeing in general. I came to the Whole30 and the Paleo Diet primarily to feel good, but I am also hoping it will impact on my weight and body shape too.

Here is my journey in photographs and stats

August 2011 

Just a few weeks after my son was born.

No stats, but not a pretty sight!

November 2012

Just after a miscarriage and prior to starting The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

Weight 84.8 kg
Chest 113cm
Waist 104 cm
Hips 112 cm
Bum 116 cm
Thigh 62 cm
Waist:Hip Ratio 0.929

January 2013

Weight 79.8 kg
Chest 109 cm
Waist 91 cm
Hips 105 cm
Bum 110 cm
Thigh 60 cm
Waist:Hip Ratio  0.867

April 2013 

Before my first Whole 30

Weight 83 kg
Chest 114 cm
Waist 100 cm
Hips 112 cm
Bum 115 cm
Bottom of Ribs 100 cm
Waist:Hip Ratio  0.87

May 2013

After my first Whole 30

Weight 78.5 kg
Chest 111 cm
Waist 93 cm
Hips 107 cm
Bum 107.5 cm
Bottom of Ribs 94.5 cm
Waist:Hip Ratio  0.869

June 30 2013

Before my second Whole 30. This time I subscribed to the Whole 30 Daily and they insist on a before photo, showing as much flesh as possible - so here it is! 


Weight 81.5 kg
Chest 113 cm
Waist 98 cm (this measurement and the photo could be misleading as I had eaten wheat - 2 days later when wheat was out of my system it was 93cm, the same as at the end of my first whole30)
Hips 109 cm
Bum 111 cm
Bottom of Ribs 98 cm
Thigh 60 cm
Waist:Hip Ratio 0.899

25th July 2013 After 24 days of Whole30 July

Chest - 109cm
Waist - 92 cm
Bottom of ribs - 94 cm
Hips - 104cm
Bum - 108 cm
Thigh - 59 cm 
Weight - 77.5kg
Waist:Hip Ratio  0.885

Weight after returning from holiday in Paris (5th August 2013) 77.9kg

Body Fat Assessment 14th August 2013

Waist  96cm
Hip  109cm
Waist:Hip Ratio 0.881

Bodystat® Assessment

Current (14/8/13)
Fat Weight 
24.7 Kg
10-14 Kg
Lean Weight 
55.9 Kg
54.6 Kg
Total Weight 
80.6 Kg (clothed)
65-70 Kg
55-65 %

Goal 1 -  to lose 10-14Kg of Body Fat!
Goal 2 -  to achieve a Waist:Hip ratio of less than 0.8
Goal 3 -  to drink more water

October 1st 2013 - Start of third Whole30

Chest - 109cm
Waist - 92 cm
Bottom of ribs - 91 cm
Hips - 107cm
Bum - 108 cm
Thigh - 59 cm 
Weight - 78.5kg
Waist:Hip Ratio  0.859

June 2014 - Another miscarriage - another 5kg

I am 84.7kg - I now have 5 kg extra for each pregnancy! Not going to try again for another baby now. Concluded I am too old. My job now it to be fit not fat in my forties, for the sake of the one lovely child I have.

Combining the Whole30 and the Fast diet which I know goes against the rules of at least one of those, but hopefully I now have a sense of what might work for me - more about it here 30 days of conscious eating

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