The Juicy Body Transformation - 6 months later

It was on 4th July last year that I started The Juicy Body Transformation and began this journey to a healthier me.

To be honest I got off to a bit of a slow start. The program has heaps of recipes all of which suit me in terms of what I have learnt over the last few years about which foods work well for my body and which ones don't. So I thought I was doing that already. In my first month I did try a few of the recipes, but the biggest change was really just incorporating the whole food nutritional products that go with it into my life. Then after a few weeks of being in the support group on Facebook and seeing all the delicious meals people were preparing, posting and eating I really got into it. Now I rarely cook anything that's not in The JBT Guide

The other day I tried on a dress I'd never worn. I bought in an op shop a year or so ago and it was too small - but the price was too good to resist (50¢ I think) so I bought it anyway. You must have done that too at least once right? For when I get thinner! 

I was surprised that the dress fitted, and really pleased with myself. I asked Arthur to take a photograph of me and I was really surprised. I guess it had been a while since I'd had a photo taken of my whole self. Now I could understand why it is that everybody is telling me I look so different. I look healthier than I have in years. 

I feel healthier too. My whole body is healthier. I've had so many improvements with my health in fact, that I struggle to remember them all, but let's try:
  • I have more energy - this alone is transforming, I can do more, exercise more, play more with my 5 year old, and am more enthusiastic about everything, and so much happier
  • I think more clearly - I have heard people talk about brain fog but I didn't know I had it!
  • I've lost weight - about 6kg to date and now that I have got my health back I am making a concerted effort to do more and plan to do the 8 Week Shred Challenge which is also FREE to all JBT clients - I'd love to lose another 12kg
  • My skin is so much better and my hair and nails are growing longer and stronger
  • I am sleeping so much better - both for more time and better quality sleep
  • My pain has gone. This is a biggy. So big I dared not even tell anyone for 4 months in case I jinxed it. I have suffered from chronic and debilitating pain and restricted movement in my left arm  for almost 10 years. I even had to be sedated once when Arthur was small. I went through all kinds of treatment, physio, osteopathy, saw massage therapists and chiropractors. I saw various consultant at hospitals. Angina, MS and a brain tumour were thankfully all ruled out, but I still had the pain and the cause was still a mystery so it bothered me daily - both mentally and physically. I have not felt that pain since about a week to 10 days of starting this journey. 
  • I also had arthritic pain in my joints, which I think was separate to the pain mentioned above, and that has gone too
  • I am happier, and more positive, my mood is so much more balanced and steady, I rarely get anxious about anything
It's amazing what flooding your body with nutrients can do! I knew that what I ate was a key and my own research had led me to believe that my problems were caused by systemic inflammation, but the specialist at the hospital told me that was all a load of poppycock. I think he's wrong don't you. The photos of my face alone show the inflammation - now you see it now you don't. I'm so happy and relieved to have finally found what works for me. 

I think you'll see now why I have no reservations whatsoever about sharing this  fabulous JBT lifestyle with other people. Who knows what flooding your body with nutrients could do for you!

If you're interested to know more about it and would like to discuss how you might also be able to transform your health, wellbeing and lifestyle, please choose a time that suits you to chat using this link

My transformation with the JBT - Juicy Body Transformation
Update from July 2018 - my transformation with the JBT

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