After  27 years as a vegetarian, I am now following a Paleo Diet. I would recommend it to anyone! 

I have long been interested in nutrition and everything about this diet makes sense. It also makes you feel great and helps you to lose weight healthily. I'm sold - though my weightloss journey is far from complete, and as with any lifestyle change, it's not always easy to stay on the Paleo wagon. I blog about all these things!

If you are looking to lose pregnancy weight, or just weight in general, I would recommend trying the Paleo Diet straight away, but if you are interested in knowing more about the other things I tried first, see below. In addition, I occasionally write health related articles which may interest you

I am also posting Recipes. Most of them are Paleo, and many of them are also Whole 30 compatible.

Elimination Diet

After several failed attempts at losing my pregnancy weight  I followed the Elimination Diet in Dr Mansfield's Book Six Secrets to Successful Weight Loss. This helped me to identify that wheat was not such a good thing for me and so I began to explore healthy ways to live a wheat free life.

I started with the Wheat Belly Book, then the  Wheat Belly Cookbook and learned that replacing wheat with other grains and carbs was a bad idea.

This led me to the Paleo Diet, which in turn led me to the book It Starts With Food and the Whole 30.

Whole 30

You may also be interested to read How I became almost Paleo

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