Sunday, November 3, 2013

BB's friends

Whilst we were getting ready for BB's bath tonight, his attention was drawn to this friendship stone from the bathroom windowsill.

He was curious. He thought it was a bit egg shaped, and also wondered why I have a stone in the house. He wanted to take it outside, something I frequently ask him to do as he is a bit of a stone collector.

So I sat down with him to tell him about this stone. It is a very special stone. It was given to me by one of my closest friends, the friend that connected DD and I, without whom BB would not exist. I told him about my friend, and then we started talking about his friends. I started the list. Lily is your friend. Thomas is your friend… and he continued "Fia my friend, Noah my friend, Daddy my Friend, Mama my friend…"

He listed pretty much every one we know.

Everyone, except me!

"What about me?" I asked, "Am I your friend?"

He looked at me like I was crazy! "No, [giggle - interpret as don't be silly], you're Mummy!"

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  1. Hey if Mummy is a step above a friend, that's pretty cool. :-)

  2. Yeah, I like to think that's how it works!