Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whole 30 Day 18

Soooo tired!

The reason for that being that I really haven't slept enough for the last few nights. I have been working late and up early, and then last night BB had me awake for half the night.

I also have no appetite. My plan for breakfast, which was inspired by mini bacon egg cups went wrong when we only had one egg! I really need to get used to this. I am used to having plentiful eggs, but recently my chickens are down to two, only one of which is laying, sporadically! I never remember to buy eggs in the supermarket, or to put them on a shopping order.

I wasn't actually hungry, so I considered just skipping breakfast altogether. I decided it best not to do that and ended up finishing the rhubarb that I cooked the other day. I was expecting to feel hungry and then have a full lunch and dinner to make up for it, but at lunch time I wasn't hungry either.

I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do when that happens. I guess I should go onto the forum and find out, but I haven't done yet. I remember reading in the book about starting to know your body signals and your appetite, and it would eventually regulate itself. That certainly didn't happen last time, but I did stick to a Paleo diet for most of the time since my last whole 30 so I would expect to be closer to finding some sort of equilibrium this time. It has been hot too and I have been drinking lots of water, so perhaps those factors are contributing too.

Anyway - for dinner I did eat, even though I still wasn't very hungry. I made it up as I went along really, starting with frying some bacon bits and then mixing them with avocado, spring onion and radish, adding a dressing of dairy free pesto and lemon juice, and serving on some baby leaf salad. It was really nice, even though reading that back it does sound like a slightly odd combination.

Tomorrow I am going to try and eat three meals - but make them smaller - we have one egg now. I think I will fry that and eat it with some sweet potato hash for brekkie. I am out for lunch so will make the chicken and avocado salad again, and then for dinner maybe some fish. We'll see how I go!

Sorry no photo of rhubarb - wasn't that attractive anyway!

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