Sunday, July 14, 2013

Whole 30 day 14

I perfected the avocado eggs, this morning - 12 mins cooking time instead of 15 for a runny yolk, just in case you're interested!

I actually skipped lunch on purpose today. I think the hot weather is part of it as I don't remember feeling like this last time, but I just don't feel I need three proper meals a day at the moment. I have been trying to eat them, regardless, and at first I was concerned that if I didn't eat huge meals 3 times a day I would be hungry and fall of the whole30 wagon, but that hasn't happened. So today, when I didn't feel like lunch I didn't have any.

Dinner was salmon and salad, with sautéed sweet potatoes, followed by banana, passionfruit and coconut milk.

I know the two ideas don't really agree with each other, but I have been thinking that once the whole30 is done, I would like to combine paleo eating with The Fast Diet. I love fasting. I always feel great on a fast (have done some longish ones - 7-10 days). Having said that though, I get that same great feeling from paleo eating - until the elimination diet and the whole 30 I was totally unaware that it was possible to eat food and feel this good - that sounds bizarre now but it's true! Anyway, I think combining the two until I get back to my ideal weight would be a good thing for me to try. I still need to lose over 10kg to get back to my normal weight.

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