Thursday, June 6, 2013

The snail who set sail on the tale of a whale...

I am totally in love with this book.

So much I had to share it here.

We first heard the story of The Snail and the Whale on CBeebies Bedtime Stories a few weeks ago, and BB requested that we watched that episode several times over, until it was taken off iPlayer. I loved it too and so I was really excited to spot in the library yesterday - we have ready it three times already.

The story just rolls of the tongue with a lovely pace and in beautiful rhyme. As my title says, the snail, who wants to see the world, sets sail on the tale of a whale. They have some great adventures and at one point the tiny snail even saves the enormous whale! It is a tale of friendship, adventure, helping each other, exploring different parts of the world and achieving more than you ever imagined. It is by the authors of The Gruffalo, which I know is a very famous favourite, but I this is far better in my opinion.

There is apparently an Activity Book to accompany it, which may well go on BB's Birthday list. Meantime I feel some snail and whale craft activities coming on. I will share if we manage to produce anything interesting!

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