Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting ready for the Whole 30 July

I am gearing up to do my second Whole 30, starting on Monday July 1st.

I did my first Whole 30 in April this year. It was a great experience and made me feel so much better (see here for my results). I did plan to be really careful with my reintroductions, but that didn't happen. I reintroduced a few things and then got sick of it, (both the monitoring how each individual food affected me and the fact that I just didn't feel quite as good as I did on the Whole 30). So, I decided that I would just try and stick to the Whole 30 eating plan whenever I could, and hoped that I could get away with the occasional drift away from it when I was out.

The last couple of weeks have proven to me that unfortunately I can't do that. I have been out to lunch, away for a weekend and also to a conference. I've eaten all sorts of things, from bread, rice and corn to chickpeas and cheese. I have no way of really knowing what it is that made me feel tired, sluggish, and depressed, but something did. My stomach feels like I have a brick in it, my waistline has exploded and my weight has soared!

I find it incredible that feeling like I do now was normal for most of my life. However, now that I have experienced just how good I can feel, this really is not acceptable! I am doing a second Whole 30 to rid myself of this current feeling, to refocus, and to kickstart a Whole Life regime.

This time I am going to try and do daily exercise too (always hard with a toddler in tow, but not impossible) and I must drink more water! I am also signing up for the Whole 30 Daily, just for the extra support. There will be some challenges, such as my son's Birthday and few days away from home.

I am planning on blogging (maybe daily) on what I am eating, and posting recipes and publishing pics on instagram. I also have a Whole 30 Buddy already, Molly and her partner, from Molly and the Princess will also be starting on the same day. I drew lots of strength and ideas last time from other bloggers doing the same thing so i am really pleased to have made this connection.

Is anyone else doing the Whole 30 in July? Do let me know if you are!

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