Sunday, May 12, 2013

Whole 30 Day 27

Breakfast: Egg Tomatoes and Garlic Mushrooms

Lunch: Salmon and Salad with a rasher of bacon
(there are 2 on the plate but BB likes bacon!)

Dinner: Free from everything sausages
with roast broccoli and carrots
I have been having some further thoughts about my extended whole 30 today. I am wondering if it might actually be more useful to start the reintroduction process on Day 31, but to just do it slower, so that I only introduce one thing at a time in some cases instead of the whole group. For example the gluten free grains are all quite different (rice, corn and oats). If I noticed a problem after the day of introducing them it would be hard to know which was which. Perhaps I should add rice on day 31 and then wait 2 days and try corn on day 34, then oats on day 37. I would like to test the gluten grains without wheat too, but I am wondering if I should do wheat on a separate day as well, just so that I can be sure. It will take longer overall to reintroduce stuff but at least I will know what's what.

Any thoughts on that idea?

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