Saturday, May 4, 2013

Whole 30 Day 19

I'm getting slack!

In two ways.

One, I only have a photo of breakfast.

Two, I drank wine!

One of my oldest and bestest friends came to lunch today. Had I had a babysitter I would have been out with her for her hen night tonight, but as that is not possible we had to have out own little party today. I made  a lunch of salmon fillet (cooked in coconut oil with garlic pepper and lemon juice) and served with salad. I was a bit worried that she might find my light lunch a little too light, but it turns out that she too has given up the carbs, and her fiancĂ© has recently lost 3 stone by following The Fast Diet which I have mentioned before - so after about 33 years we are still on the same page. It was fabulous to see her. Old friends are just great aren't they!

Tea was a bit late. We got all off schedule having had T here. BB went down late for his nap, and so woke up late for tea. I ate some of the left over salad with some of yesterday's left over chicken, but forgot to photograph it. Even after two of us had lunch and I had dinner, I still have left over salad! Over catering is definitely a problem  I have. I think I have got better with my own meals - I think my portions are slightly smaller since I started this, but I needed to make sure there was plenty of food for my guest. There was enough for 6! I guess that's the next thing to work on. At least in this case the left overs are salad and not chocolate cake!

So, once again not a bad day food wise, but not great either seeing as I drank alcohol.

Mission now is to get through the next 11 days with no compromises... absolutely no social events scheduled so I should be able to manage!

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