Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am going to recall my suspicions re the effects of caffeine and dairy and blame sugar!

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Today I did a sponsored walk which I helped to organise. There was a cake stall as part of the fundraising effort. I baked a gluten free chocolate cake. Last year I made muffins, but this year, just to be sure I wasn't tempted to 'test' one, I did a sandwich cake instead.

It made it to the stall in one piece. I wasn't even tempted. But then everyone else bought cakes before we set off for themselves and their kids, so I did the same. The only wheat free cake was my own, so I ended up paying for a piece of the cake I baked. That's fine, it's for charity. What's not fine was that I ATE it.

Then when the event was all finished and there were some cakes left, we each bought our own home. On arrival, I made a cup of decaf coffee and ATE ANOTHER PIECE!

I know! What am I like? Give me an inch and I'll take a mile. Sticking to the Whole30 was not hard, so why can't I do it now I'm 'finished'?

Anyway - I have the same wired and on edge feeling that I had yesterday, and I am craving more sugar, so I would be prepared to bet that the wired feeling, the restless night and the 'hangover' are all due to sugar!

Will I ever learn!


  1. If I eat even a little sugar, chances are I'm going to eat more, and then more. When I had the "rules" of the Whole30, it wasn't a problem. When I am on my own it is a bit more challenging. Ugh!

    1. Well it's good to know I am not the only one! I hadn't even put sugar on the reintroduction list because my plan was just to avoid it - well, I managed 36 hours!

      Tomorrow is a new day! Hopefully I will sleep better and not wake up tired and needing the evil crystals! We have a 2 years old party to go to - I may need to be strong!