Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whole 30 Day 8

I don't have much to say really - it's just another day of meat and two veg.

I did notice that despite eating until I was full, I was hungry about half an hour after my breakfast and lunch, but not after my dinner. Perhaps is this because I had dessert (strawberries and coconut milk again!). I wonder if it is a psychological thing - and that the other two times it was dessert I was craving. I wasn't really expecting that as I rarely eat dessert, but I guess I do nibble, and perhaps normally my response to that hunger would be to eat something.

Breakfast was left over chilli with courgette pasta. The courgette pasta cooked in avocado oil. It's not a meat heavy as it looks as there are lots of vegetables in the chilli.

Courgette Pasta and Chilli on a plate

Lunch was chicken and salad. The chicken was fried in avocado oil and then I added some lemon juice and cayenne pepper just at the end. The salad was spinach, watercress, rocket, carrot, olives, avocado and beetroot, with an olive oil dressing.

 in a white bowl

Dinner was sausages (note no attempt at gravy this time - they were great on their own) with green beans and mashed sweet potato. I didn't manage to eat all the beans (they were stringy) or the sweet potato, but I did manage a big bowl of strawberries!

I also had an afternoon nap today which was really needed and very much appreciated.

Now I am going to end there, as I must go and watch last night's Broadchurch! I am so pleased I got through the day without hearing anything about it.

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