Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flowers for Mother's Day

I have just been reminded that it is Mother's Day here in the UK on Sunday, as BB has made me a special picture at nursery this morning.

Although to me as a child Mother's Day was all about Daffodils, a few years in Australia (where Mothers day is in May) and the lateness of Daffodils this year mean it had slipped my mind! I have a mother too! What to do? Flowers are always good aren't they! I did some research and discovered an interesting little infographic and some special offers and discount codes which I thought I'd share.

Serenata Flowers are offering up to 20% off + Free Delivery
Flowers Direct are offering 12% off all orders with the code AFDMD
Marks & Spencers are also offering Free Delivery

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