Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Bye and Good Luck to your New Owner

This is odd I know, but I am having an emotional moment as I just sold this book online.

Image of Louise Solan's Book Knock yourself up

I know, why did I list it if it means so much?

Well, it did it's job for me.

I read it twice from cover to cover.

It changed my life.

If I didn't sell it, it would just sit on my shelf forever, taking up space.

I am happy that it might bring the joy of motherhood to someone else.

Thank you book, thank you Louise Sloan, good luck to your new owner.


  1. I love that one! I also listened to Mikki Morisette's interview with the author many, many times (podcast). I loved her sense of humor and her whole approach. I often wonder how she and her son are doing.

    1. Yes I read Mikki's book too. Didn't hear the podcast of the two of them though. Good to know it's there if I miss my book too much LOL!

  2. I have a similar attachment to my nursing pillow...I just can't let it go so its now become a staple bed pillow:)