Friday, October 26, 2012

The Pumpkin Trials - Lessons Learned!

Are you scared yet?

OK - so here's what I know now

  1. My pumpkin saw is a bit naff! It saws, but it wobbles in the handle.
  2. When you cut the lid, do a funny shape bit so that you can see which way round it fits
  3. MaKe it a bit bigger than I did this time so that it's easier to scrape out the middle
  4. Do the face higher up - especially if you are planning to put it low down on your porch
  5. Ditch the pumpkin muffin plan and make chocolate fairy cakes - there's only so much scraping one can handle

I'm getting the idea though, it was worth the trial - I might try and be a little more ambitious with the next one! Just a little! Pin It Now!

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