Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrating a year

So this is a little late, but we went on holiday straight after BB's birthday and I didn't have time to post before we went.

BB is now 1 year old! I find it incredible that he is one. It's a full year since this!

Although the year seems to have gone very fast, it also feels like BB has been with us forever. I also find it hard to remember what he was like when he was new. So, with that in mind here are some pictures from his first year.










I think the most beautiful thing is seeing his personality start to reveal itself. He is a very happy little boy. He likes to make people laugh, he seems to be confident and adventurous. Although he isn't walking yet he's a fantastic climber.  He has a great appetite and eats a wide variety of foods, although fruit is his first love. Whatever he eats you can guarantee it will make a mess!

We decided that the birthday tradition shall include a cake, Birthday Bunting and a gathering of some kind. After much searching I managed to find some nice, quality bunting that should last us for years

Birthday Bunting
I made him a monkey cake (a chocolate sponge covered in chocolate butter icing and then ivory fondant icing was used for the face). His chin looks like he has acne - that's because I didn't keep aside enough icing sugar for rolling out the fondant icing (note to self for the future!).

Monkey cake

Close family joined us in our garden for the afternoon to celebrate his special day.

Here is the cheeky chappy having devoured his piece of cake - well some of it, the rest was used for a facial!
Birthday Cake Face

His vital statistics at one year are:
Height 75cm (50th percentile)
Weight 11.05Kg (between 75th and 91st percentile)
Head Circ. 47cm (75th percentile)

Happy Birthday Blissful Boy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

A very quick and easy meal.

This recipe makes enough for 1 baby and 1 adult


90g easy cook rice
Sunflower or rapeseed oil (plus a dash of sesame oil if you fancy)
1/2 red onion
1/4 red pepper thinly sliced
1 carrot, finely sliced with the peeler
a few green beans or snow peas
2 eggs


Put the rice on to boil
While it's boiling, heat the oil in a wok or pan, and start to gently fry the onions. Then add the pepper, carrot and beans.
When the rice is cooked, rinse and drain.
Add the eggs to the pan and mix them around with the veg, then quickly add the drained rice and mix well.
Cook for a further 2-3 mins

Serve out baby's portion, then add a dash of soy sauce to your own.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

This is harder than I thought!

Anyone who knows me in real life, I apologise as this may be TMI. You don't have to read, but I do have to write. This blog keeps me sane at times like these. If you do decide to go ahead and read this post, then that's just fine, but please respect our privacy. Thank you. 

Right, so I am officially in the 2WW. 6DPO to be precise. I thought that it was going to be easier this time around but NO! In fact I think it's worse.

I have been having cramps since 2DPO. On Tuesday (4DPO) I noticed I was really tired, and on Wednesday (5DPO) when I was shopping for groceries, I was very aware of that low level nausea. I was also a bit more irritable than usual - and still tired. Last night I developed a huge headache that won't go away, even after sleep and paracetamol. I am really thirsty and drinking heaps of water. My appetite isn't what it usually is. Carrying BB up the stairs tonight felt like such hard work!

BB has also been a bit funny with his feeding. Sometimes he is obviously wanting breast milk but wont drink, he goes from one side to the other, rejecting each side and getting in a tizzy. At first I thought my milk was drying up, but I don't think so, as eventually he settles and feeds.

Then there's my temperature chart, which is considerably higher than usual.

My sensible brain tells me that it is way too early for me to have any symptoms, that I am tired because we had a massive week last week driving across the country, and then down to London, a couple of days of London Transport, 3 nights of hardly any sleep and then a big drive back in the rain. In fact, it makes me tired just writing about that! Cramps for the whole of my LP are not all that unusual either. My headache could be lack of caffeine, though I have still been having a small, half strength cup of coffee in the morning so that shouldn't really be the case.

Also, when I got PG with BB, I thought I knew at the time of 'transfer' that this would work. I didn't feel that this time.

My emotional brain is working on a different reality though. Last night I found myself googling early pregnancy signs. Back ache, yes I have that (not unusual!) metallic taste in the mouth, yes I have that (but I hadn't noticed it until I read that so could possibly have made it up!). Is it possible that I am more tuned in to it this time? Or maybe it's twins so the hormones are stronger? It's amazing where your head can take you. Maybe I am just imagining the whole lot!

I know that it is way to early to test, and that even if I was pregnant I would get a negative now anyway. But, even though I know that, I couldn't help myself, and I tested this morning anyway. It was negative!

I tested +ve with BB at 11 DPO, so I just have to wait... we will be on holiday then too. I was thinking I would just wait until we got home, but now I think that suitcase will be full of tests!

Meanwhile, I am visualising that there is a little ball of cells in there that is nestling itself into a lovely new home.

Fingers Crossed

Hopefully I can stay sane until the time comes to test for real...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BB's visit to the hospital

I just received an email form a reader asking how we got on with respiratory physiologist last week. Sorry for not updating you all sooner, we had a busy week and it slipped my mind.

The fact that it did slip my mind is probably a clue that there was no horrific news to share. I was a little disappointed with our trip though. Perhaps I am naive, but I was expecting more. I thought perhaps BB would be treated as an individual, and that the Dr would actually examine him properly. That didn't happen though. He had a quick listen to his chest and asked if his cough is worse at night, to which I replied yes. He then said "It's asthma, it's always asthma" gave us a prescription and said that he would see us again in 3 months.

The drugs he has are Montelukast to be taken every night before bed, and Salbutimol to be taken as required. I was reluctant to give them to him at first. I felt like the Dr hadn't really examined him enough. We didn't get any info with the montelukast either, so I had to google it to even find out how to administer it. I do believe that he could have very mild asthma, and that some of his coughing is caused by that, but he still has a chesty cough which I think is a different issue. After some thought, (perhaps this Dr is so used to this he can diagnose really easily) I decided to try the meds though. I think perhaps the montelukast makes a slight difference. We have also used the inhaler once and it was surprising easy to get him to take that, and it did stop his cough.

We got a letter today from the specialist, which was copy of the letter he sent to our GP. What he has written is a little reassuring. It says that he explained to me that BB would likely grow out of (he didn't, but that's good to know). He also said that BB is otherwise healthy. I hope he's right.

He looks rather healthy though don't you think!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Have you used these drugs on your child? Have you had a child that grew out of asthma?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tempted by TV

Suddenly, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am thinking about having 'normal' TV.

In the UK, you need a license to watch TV. This costs about £150 a year. Having survived without watching live TV for years, just using iPlayer and 4OD to watch on catchup through the internet, I decided not to get normal TV when I moved in to the house, this saving me the annual fee, plus the initial costs of getting an antenna and the appropriate connection leads.

I have no problem with it usually. In fact, I think watching online is better. I can watch what I want when I want and don't have to be tied to TV schedules. It also means the TV (yes we do have an actual TV set, but it is used as a computer monitor and not wired up for receiving broadcasts) only goes on when you actually want to watch it, rather than being on all the time and sucking you in to the garbage that is often on air. Occasionally I miss out on stuff, but generally watching the day after a show is aired is good - I often watch shows that someone else recommends, which can be a great filter for some good TV.

It also means that I have to think carefully before I use TV babysitter! I actually have to select the shows for BB to watch individually, rather than just putting the TV on and walking away as most people can (though I do confess to sussing out early on the longest TV shows I can find, for use when I have something I really must get on with, like cooking dinner). Again I am happy with this. BB doesn't watch much TV as a result.

But for the last few days I have really been tempted to splash out on the necessary equipment and the licence fee. It's the upcoming olympics that's doing this to me. I just like the idea of having the TV on all day, with this major event on in the background, accompanying us through our day.  I know it's not worth it. It's only for 2 weeks, and we wont even be home for at least half of the days, and I am sure the opening ceremony and any events in which the Brits have a chance will be available on catch up. It would cost at least £200. £200 which I don't have to spare. And I don't want BB to  know a reality where the TV is on all day. I would also have to rearrange the furniture to be able to install the arial lead.

So, it really makes no sense! We are much better off as we are.

Hopefully the urge will pass.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fitness, Fatness and Finances

SO, I think I am behind on a couple of updates...

Firstly my weight loss challenge.

I have been really good! I'm sure I have! My portion size is definitely down, in fact there have been times when I have served myself the same amount as BB. A single round of beans on toast for example... OK, so half of his ends up on the floor, but still... I am not being excessive.

Then here is exercise. I have been using the Wii Fit Plus, mainly for aerobic exercise, like jogging, step, hula-hooping, but also for some yoga, strength and balance training. I have been walking with the buggy for at least 5km at least 3 times a week, even in the rain.

I do heaps of exercises with BB, deliberately lifting him and squatting, and moving from side to side, and dancing - several times a day.

I even fasted for 3 days in total, plus had a stomach bug for 2 days.

And the results?

According to my scales I lost 100g since January! According to the fitness trainer, I am the same weight.

There are some positives though. I have toned up a bit. I've lost 3 inches from the place where my waist should be, and I do feel fitter, and my back is heaps better. But I am disappointed. I really wanted to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time BB was One, and before I started TTC BB2.

Secondly our finances.

Well, more bad news... if you take in to account the money I need to put aside for annual cost (such as car service, registration, insurance, home insurance) plus BB's swimming and gym lessons, then it seems we are spending about 160% of our income each month. So, either I have to get some paid work, or we need to radically change what we are doing, as this means my teeny savings bucket will be depleted very soon.

The reality is, our monthly income is now (at current exchange rates) just 13.5% of what I was earning in my last full time job in Australia. OK so I had a big mortgage then, and lots of othere expenses, but still, I am starting to think that perhaps this is not possible...

But I am going to keep trying for another couple of months anyway. We have a few expenses coming up, like birthdays, a Christening, a holiday when Aussie Grandma arrives - but after that we have to crack down! The challenge is to live within our means by September.

I have started shopping at a budget supermarket for some items, but they are unable to fulfil my preferences for organic wholefoods! (Perhaps I need to change something there too). We need to use the car less. I could try and do more play groups close to home, and swim in the town pool instead of taking BB for lessons. I won't bore you any further... I'll report back at the end of September!


BB has totally recovered from his tonsillitis. He has his appetite back, and is back to his usual self. His crackly chest and cough and cold disappeared for a while when the tonsilitis was here, but now they are back. We see the specialist on Monday.