Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Gardening Project

So, when you have farming and gardening genes on both sides of your family, it's never too early to start gardening.

BB and I have been watching closely as the orchid in the bathroom (bought for me by my 96 year old Nana, to celebrate BB's birth) has gone in to bud and is now starting to flower. We look everymorning at how it's doing, count the flowers and buds. It always seems to make him smile.

On Sunday we went to a family event at Ramsey Heights to celerate 100 years of the Wildlife Trust. BB was given some sunflower seeds in a little growing pot. We had five seeds, which was too many for the pot, and so today we put them each in a little pot of their own. Obviously Mummy had to do the actual work - but I think there is a keen interest here don't you!

Mmmm - this looks fun!

We almost lost them!
As you can probably tell, I was moving when I took this photo. Saved the seeds though!

Our seeds on the kitchen windowsill
We will watch them grow, and then when they are ready, transplant them into the garden.

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