Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

I feel the need to do a little post reflecting on 2012 before I write my new post with goals for 2013.

It has been an interesting year, with lots of highs and a few lows. It began in Melbourne in the midst of a heat wave,  where we were staying with some lovely friends of DD's. We also managed to catch up with a few best friends, and meet up with a SMC buddy that we had met online.

We returned home in early January and shortly after began the weaning process. BB took to food easily. Here are his fist mouthfuls of pureed mango. He looks impressed right? And perhaps a little surprised too!

It's hard to believe that this is the same child as the one I have now!

Also in January he cut his first teeth. 

In February his biggest milestone was moving into his own bed. This was a gradual process moving step by step further away, but it did happen quite fast. On reflection it was probably me that needed it to be gradual more than it was him. He settled quite quickly and was soon in his own room!


He also began moving himself intentionally around the house. 

March saw me coming to the end of my maternity leave but I really didn't want to return to work - I took another 3 months on no pay while I tried to come up with a plan. I began to seriously think about alternatives and became more and more frugal with our money. BB put his efforts into crawling and truly mastered his art.

In April he started walking with the aid of the furniture.

In May we started the "hold my hands so I can walk" game

We really thought at this point that he would be running around any second - but he then took his time with walking - and started climbing instead!

He started saying his first words, mum, dad and more, and ba (booby!) and also became much more interested in stuff around him, so it was great fun when started taking him places like the children's farm.

In July, BB turned 1, still not walking on his own, but excellent at power crawling, and getting more and more confident as a climber. We started to try for BB2. I started to make plans to work from home.

August, BB's Aussie grandma came to stay, he was Christened, and finally started walking on his own, We got pregnant with BB2, we went on holiday with DD and UP and both their mums (I laughed about having to mother in laws despite never marrying, and nicknamed the mother in law and the other in law!) . I set up my own business working from home, and BB started nursery for just 4 hrs a week so that I didn't have to do all my work when he slept. August was really quite an awesome month when you look back!

September's highlight has to be the Paralympics, which I was very fortunate to go to. Everything about it was awesome. Sadly, September was also when our fortunes started to change. First UP's mum got sick. Within two weeks of dancing away to folk music with BB she was in hospital having had a brain hemorrhage and being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a big shock that such a thing could happen so quickly.

In October we lost BB2 and I trapped a nerve in my back. It was a dark month. BB kept me going.

Reading with his friend L after swimming
In November, I turned 41. I also started making money through my business (up till now all money earned was reabsorbed in start up costs). I began to emerge from the dark space of losing my little girl too, and started to think about maybe trying for BB3. BB and I started doing lots of 'art'. We aim for one activity a day, though sometime he only lasts 5 minutes. He has produced some great works, including

A stained glass window for Aussie Grandma
A birthday pressie for Auntie H
A snowman for UP's mum
Tree decorations
December has been a busy time. We have caught up with friends from near and far that we had not seen for a while, if not in person by exchange of Christmas cards and photos. I have been doing the elimination diet, with some very pleasing results, feeling much healthier all around as well as having achieved some weightloss.

BB now has quite a vocabulary, though I may be the only one who understands most of the time. His words include, mum, dad, his own name, car, tractor, milk, water, more, boo, gone, pop, yes, no, one, two, three, seven, ten, bath, whats that, pussy, pretty, woof woof, quack quack, choo chop, ba(nana), tickle tickle, ta, and ning a ning a ning, which means I want that give it here. He says other things too, that I don't fully get. For example 'pusher', means anything like a remote control, mouse, or phone that he wants to get his hands on - it could be please that he's saying but I'm not sure. He talks a lot. I cant wait until I can really understand him.

He's also started to enjoy doing jobs like mummy (which currently makes more work - but with practice ... :o).

I cant really end a post on 2012 without looking back at what I planned to achieve.

My first goal was fitness and weight loss! Ironically attending both weight watchers and the NHS health trainer actually led me to gain weight! The elimination diet I am doing now has brought me results though and my weight is steadily going down, I found sensitivities to grapes and instant coffee so far, but I expect that I will find at least one more thing.

Fitness wise, BB and I are walking 2 or 3 times a week still, weather permitting. We even made it out 3 times in the last week, dodging the rain. I haven't been swimming like I said I would - I actually totally forgot that goal. I will remember it for DD's visit this weekend. I have been using the Wii, intermittently, my lowest Wii fit age is 20! I have noticed that I am much better at everything on here since I began the elimination diet too.

Reading and writing. The writing part is doing well. The reading part not so. I do read books associated with parenting and lots of stuff on line, but I didn't manage to read a novel. I would love to get lost in a good book - I may try that one again next year!

Austerity measures - I gave up on them and set up a business instead! Much easier financially, but hard in that I get hardly any time to myself now. If BB is awake I am mum, if he is asleep I work. I like the flexibility though, and it doesn't interfere with our lifestyle too much.

My final goal to start trying for baby 2. That seems like a sad note to end on. I am grateful that I did get pregnant with BB2, even if it was just for a short while. I do really hope that by next Christmas BB has a sibling though.

To end on a high instead - here is BB today, the last day of the year, hard at work with his friend M.

On the whole, it was a good year spent in the good company of my gorgeous little man. I am a lucky mummy!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

CD 1

I am very happy to report that today is CD 1. This means I am officially TTC again.

I feel really good about it. Until now I wasn't ready, even last month although I knew I wanted to do it, I didn't quite want to do it yet. I am now feeling better physically than I have since before BB. Getting my diet in check and weight down a little has done wonders. I definitely feel better, not just for losing the weight, but my head is clearer and I have more energy. I also have many less aches and pains. Even my massage therapist noticed my body was different at my last appointment, she couldn't believe the difference. My shoulder, which totally disabled me in October, and always needs a lot of work, was fine. I feel really fertile too. I think that's because I feel younger and am much more mobile without the joint pain, but also due to the physical signs like EWCM, which was present in a huge amount last cycle.

It was interesting too, that after eating foods on Christmas Day that I haven't yet tested, my shoulder did give me grief again. On Wednesday and Thursday I was in a bit of pain - it's gone again now. I am seriously wondering if there is something I eat that gives me joint / muscle / nerve problems. I really hope it's not chocolate, but that is currently the most likely suspect!

Mentally I am feeling ready now too. As you know after the M/C I really wondered if I could go through it all again. I was talking about the loss with a friend on Friday and it still makes me cry. BB2 will always be my little girl that I never got to meet, which does make me incredibly sad. I have accepted it though. I also know that if I am lucky enough to get pregnant again I am likely to be anxious about the baby, but I feel strong enough to cope with that now too.

The only bad news is that according to Fertility Friend my predicted O date is a Tuesday, and DD can only visit on weekends. That still gives us a chance though, and it's only a prediction, and if need be we could drive down to his place for a night mid week...

Come to me BB3!

Back on Track with the Elimination Diet

Just a quick post to let you know that I am back on track.

My weight yesterday evening was back to what it was before Christmas and this morning's weight was too. This evening I was 200g lower than any previous evening weight so it's all looking good. I have reintroduced mushrooms and peanuts today, which is interesting as my dad is allergic / sensitive / intolerant to both. The mushrooms were fine, just have to wait until morning to find out about the peanuts.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Pausing due to Fluid Retention

I weighed myself this morning and I was 80.2kg. This is actually higher than I was on Boxing Day (80.1), so I conclude that it is due to fluid retention associated with PMS.

However, it has also occurred to me that had I tested a food last night I could have wrongly concluded that the rise was caused by a sensitivity. As a result of that I think it is best if I just wait it out until it has passed.

Hopefully it wont be too long.

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The Third Secret of Successful Weight Loss - Identify Your Food Sensitivities

The third secret is what this elimination diet that I am currently doing is all about. Dr Mansfield's work with patients over the last 30 years has led him to conclude that an individual's personal food sensitivities are the biggest factor involved in causing weight gain. He also points out that an individual may become sensitive to a particular food at any time.

I developed an allergy to prawns after having BB. It took me 3 episodes of severe hives to work out what it was. On the second time I ended up going to hospital in the middle of the night, the third time I still had some medication from the previous time, which was lucky as the episodes got worse each time, I was able to treat it as soon as it started on the third occasion, and also identify prawns as the cause. I have no idea why I suddenly developed this sensitivity, it just did.

Elimination diets are useful for identifying sensitivities for all sorts of reasons, such as causes of migraines, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, eczema, hives (I won't bother testing the prawns to prove this!) Crohn's disease, urticaria, rheumatoid arthritis, and weight gain. Between 70 and 80% of people that have tried the elimination diet have lost all, or a substantial part of their excess weight.

People will be usually be unaware of their sensitivities as when you eat the offending foods regularly the symptoms are usually masked (you can actually feel better after eating it initially so think it's good). The elimination diet that I am following involves 7 days on just 42 foods that are most unlikely to cause sensitivity. During this time, if you have food sensitivities you are likely to loose a substantial amount of weight (I lost 3 kg) feel worse in the beginning and then better than you have felt for ages by day 7. This was the case for me. This is a good sign as it means there is a high chance I can just identify the offenders, avoid them and be thin.

After the first 7 days on the 42 foods only, you gradually reintroduce other foods. You introduce them individually, generally one in the morning and one in the evening, and observe the effects. You weigh yourself twice a day too. A sensitivity shows up as almost immediate (within 9 hours) weight gain.

For those new to my posts about this, so far I have identified sensitivities to grapes and instant coffee,

There is of course the possibility that there could be something else in addition to the sensitivity that is causing me to be overweight. If this is the case my weight loss will grind to a halt before I reach my ideal weight and I will need to look further. The fourth, fifth and sixth secrets deal with the other possible causes. I will post about each of these soon.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still recovering?

So I am starting to wonder if I am still recovering, or if my extra weight is actually due to the fact that today is CD28. I do usually weight a little heavier around this time as I retain a little fluid.  I have looked up pre menstrual fluid retention and found advice that this can be minimised by avoiding sodium - if that is the case then perhaps I shouldn't have taken the sodium/potassium bicarb concoction! I guess there is no way of knowing what the cause is really.

Here are my weights for the last few days:

24th Dec


25th Dec
christmas day
christmas day
26th Dec
no food tested
no food tested
27th Dec
no food tested
no food tested

I am thinking though that by tomorrow I really should have recovered from any reaction to food, especially as I did take the concoction which is supposed to halve reaction time. Therefore, unless my weight is ridiculously high tomorrow I will assume that it is just PMS and continue with the reintroduction process.

I am quite excited about it being CD28. This means it will soon be time to TTC again. I have been doing some cross-referencing between the fertility diet and this elimination diet and it's looking good so far. Instinctively, it feels like this diet is boosting my fertility and there were physical signs this cycle that is the case too. Also, losing 5% of your body weight is widely reported to increase your fertility, and I have achieved that already, so I am feeling very hopeful. I would like to complete this diet before TTCing though I am sure the diet will do me or an unborn baby no harm as it is healthy enough (healthier than my normal diet!) so I could continue, but I would not use the bicarb drink if I was pregnant or even possibly pregnant. Although I won't be quite so rigid, once I have reintroduced all the foods that the book requires, I do also plan to continue to observe what happens as other foods are reintroduced to my diet.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Diet Post

So, I took the day off yesterday. I didn't drink any wine, or eat any Christmas pudding or brandy cream, or anything else with grapes in, but I did indulge more than I planned. I guess that was inevitable really - it happens every Christmas in almost every home in country I would say.

Anyway, as a result I am almost 1 kg heavier today than I was yesterday.

am weight (kg)
pm weight (kg)




instant coffee



specific cause unknown - xmas

specific cause unknown - xmas

Things that I ate that are not (yet) on my safe foods list are:

brussel sprouts
cheese (just a little, in the cheese sauce with the cauliflower)
stuffing (the packet kind I think - so who knows what I ate there)

When you have a reaction to a food, Dr Mansfield recommends taking a concoction made from sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and water. The theory is that this helps speed up your recovery time by helping your body to pass the offending substance and to neutralise the body (reactions to food apparently usually include reactionary acidosis). So I have taken this this morning in the hope that it works. I think it may as for the first food I reacted to (grapes) I did not do this as I the potassium bicarb had not arrived, however I did use it with instant coffee which I reacted to a couple of days ago and the recovery time was shorter.

I haven't mentioned it before, but I was actually pleased to find that I reacted to instant coffee. I hate it, to me it doesn't taste like coffee at all, just chemicals. There is always that awkward moment when you visit a friend and they offer you a coffee and you have to ask what sort of coffee they mean. Now I can say that I am unable to drink instant coffee, rather than just looking like a coffee snob!

Anyway, I am hoping that my recovery from my Christmas blowout is complete by tomorrow morning and I can continue the process with the reintroduction of mushrooms for breakfast.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Special Delivery

As DD is off to Paris to spend Christmas with his partner and family we put in a very special request with Santa to see if he could come early and make a special delivery here on Saturday night. He was only too pleased to oblige, he said it would be great to have one less thing to do on Christmas eve!

Although he knew nothing about what was to happen, BB gave us an insight as to what Christmas eve might be like in a couple of years time. He didn't sleep! Well, he did from 7-11 and then was awake until 4. He has never done this before, I assume it's due to his emerging molars.

He did eventually go to sleep, and gave us a little sleep in until 7.30 which was must appreciated. We then headed downstairs to see what was there. After checking out my water bottle which I had left in the lounge he spotted the gifts under the tree. He then went and and picked up each one and gave it to either DD or myself.

Look , I found a big water bottle

Oooh, there's pressies too - look Dad!

Then he was hungry! So we paused for breakfast.

After breakfast and BB was more interested in Mummy's camera

Particularly in pictures of him!
Finally, after DD and I had opened our presents and with a little bit more encouragement from us, he began to slowly open his. It took all day, with the last one being opened just before he went to bed. It was lovely that this whole process took him all day, and that each gift amused him for so long before he needed the next. And each one made him smile. I will cherish all of this.

We also had a lovely little skype session with his Aussie Grandparents mid morning, so they got to see him sitting amidst his pile of pressies and discarded wrapping paper too!

Finally he got into the swing of things!

For the record he got a little wooden saucepan set, a mini dustpan and brush set, an animal puzzle where each animal is three pieces that join together with a magnet (you can also mix and match and make crazy animals), a little train set, a novelty sponge for the bath, in the shape of a butterfly, a gro clock that tells him when it's ok to wake up (ok so this was really mummy's present, be he doesn't know that!), and some vests and tracky pants. So far he has spent most time playing with the saucepans, closely followed by the dustpan and brush and the train set, which has been added to the little starter set he got for his birthday from DD.

Tomorrow he will have another little Christmas as when we wake as he has a couple of presents to open that my friends have sent for him - I will put them under the tree tonight. Then we will be off to Grandma and Gramps' house for the day. Great Grandma and both of BB's Aunties will be there too. He will no doubt get even more pressies...

I am looking forward to sharing BB with all the family tomorrow. I am really looking forward to him giving presents to people, especially my Nan, who has been asking for a little photo of him for ages. I have had a big one from his nursery photos made and she is going to love it!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Second Secret of Successful Weight Loss - Avoid Low Fat Diets

I was very happy to see this as the second secret as I personally avoid reduced fat foods for health reasons. I eat butter, full fat natural yoghurt, use whole milk and avoid margarine and low fat spreads like the plague due to the hydrogenated fats they contain. I am also a fan of oils like flaxseed oil for the omega 3's and avocados.

Part of Dr Mansfield's argument for this is that the US has the lowest fat diet in the world and the fattest people.  The UK is not far behind on either of these measures. In contrast to this, the French eat the most fat and are one of the slimmest nations.

Dr Mansfield pinpoints 1980 as a significant moment in time for obesity in the USA and the UK - suddenly the number of clinically obese people started to rise.  Just a year or so before this, both nations were told that they should reduce the amount of fat in their diet.  This advice came following the wide acceptance of the theory that saturated fats cause high cholesterol and heart disease - a theory which Dr Mansfield disagrees with.  Within 10 years of this change to a lower fat diet, the number of cases of obesity had doubled in both the US and the UK. By 2005 we had trebled the number of cases. The French on the other hand continue to eat a larger amount of fat, including saturated fat, and have a much lower incidence of coronary heart disease.

Dr Mansfield actually goes as far as to say that
"Eating fat has nothing to do whatsoever with becoming fat, and nothing to do with diabetes or heart disease.  The concept that eating fat is bad for you is the biggest mistake in medical thinking in the past century"
Obviously a controversial statement - but one which many dieters will of course welcome with open arms. My diet at the moment contains plenty of fat. I am using lots and lots of olive oil for cooking and for salads, eating many avocados and an enormous amount of nuts, particularly macadamias. I have added butter and eggs back in recently too as I didn't find a sensitivity to either.

There are several chapters in the book which discuss exactly why Dr Mansfield thinks we should all eat fats, but in summary, my understanding of it is that fats make you feel full so you eat less, and if you are on a low fat diet you consume more carbohydrates, which do make you fat!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The First Secret of Successful Weight Loss - Avoid Low Calorie Diets

As the book is called Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss, I thought you may be wondering what the other five secrets are. Hopefully Dr Mansfield wont mind if I give you a little insight into the others. I will start with Secret One, which is Avoid Low Calorie Diets!

The phenomenon Dr Mansfield describes in his book is one I have experienced personally.  He states that low calorie diets cause you to lose weight for the first few weeks, then a process he calls 'stabilisation' occurs, where despite sticking to the diet you loose no more weight, then the weight starts going up again, even if you are still sticking to the diet.  I have dieted with a well known international diet program several times - the last time I did actually get heavier! I also remember that the first time I did it, my starting weight was 10st 5lb - which horrified me at the time. If you convert my current weight I am now 12st 8lbs - and that's 10lb less than I was 3 weeks ago! It was because of this that I responded to the call for bloggers to try this diet. I was desperate!

Dr Mansfield's explanation of what is going on here makes perfect sense. He says that our body has evolved two weight conserving mechanisms that kick in when food is scarce. The first decreases our metabolic rate so that we use less energy, and the second increases the bodies insulation through fat storage. Dr Mansfield does not deny that some people do eat too much, more than they need, but he strongly advices against periods of very low calorie consumption as repeated 'low calorie' diets lead to lower metabolic rate and higher fat storage. There certainly is no calorie restrictions on this diet. You can eat as much as you like of any of the foods that you have found to be safe for your body.

He has some compelling statistics for the UK which show that the average calorie consumption per person in the UK has decreased, however, the % of people that are classified as obese has risen in this same time period.  He writes about all of this and more in great detail in the second chapter of the book.  You could also do an internet search for 'dieting makes you fat' if you want to know more.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Wheat, wholemeal bread and Christmas dinner

There's not a great deal to report really regarding my Six Secrets to Successful Weight Loss challenge. I have introduced wheat by eating Shreddies morning and night and wholewheat pasta for lunch for 3 days (days 19, 20 and 21), followed by a day of bread at every meal. I did wonder on the second night of wheat if something was happening, I had really dry sore eyes and when I googled wheat sore eyes, of course I managed to find something.

I feel heavier.  The amount of wheat and bread that I have consumed is quite a lot when you haven't eaten anything like it for nearly 3 weeks.  It felt a bit like a brick in my stomach at first, and made me feel lazy/less energetic. The next day it was gone though and I have had no other symptoms and there was no weight gain. I think I'm used to it again now, but I think I will probably consume less post Elimination Diet than I did before. My weight is still going down gradually, so the heaviness is just a feeling and not actually physical.

day             am                      pm

That's about all I can report.

I have decided that I am going to suspend the diet for Christmas day. You can actually do this when you get beyond stage 2. What I will have to do though is revert back to the known safe foods on Boxing Day and not introduce any new foods until I am back to my pre Christmas weight. I am not going to go mad. I won't eat any form of processed dessert, and I will avoid wine and Christmas pudding due to grape issue. Perhaps I will make a nice fruit salad as an alternative. I think most of the main course will be fine. I can eat turkey and carrots and potatoes and parsnips and beans. I haven't tested brussel sprouts yet, or sausages or bacon, and stuffing of course has many different ingredients I didn't try either, as does gravy. Hopefully it wont be too big a deal and I wont react to anything, but if I do, so be it - I just want to enjoy a dinner with my family without being a pain in the rear!

If you are interested in buying the book it is available at AmazonWaterstones and The Book People. It maybe be worth checking them all as prices do change. Amazon also have a Kindle Version 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Should I move from Blogger to Wordpress?

word press and blogger logos, with a question mark

OK, so I have asked myself this question a million times. Each time I have come up with a "No". Now I am asking again. I am hoping that there are lot's of people out there that can give me advice.

Just to give you some background, I have used both (free version of WordPress only). I started with blogger in about 2006/7 when I was blogging for work, then I started this one as a personal one. Then, there was lots of people saying that Wordpress was better, and at the time it did look more professional, so when I set up another, which was for my own business in 2008, I used wordpress.

My wordpress one hasn't been updated for a year or more, but that is more to do with the path my life took than the wordpress/blogger issue. I thought about changing this blog a few times and then Blogger was revamped and I loved it, so I stayed put.

More recently the possibility of blogging as a way of generating a little income for my wee family came along, so I decided finally to take the plunge, get my own URL and move to self hosted wordpress. I started this process and then got stuck, so I contacted the help desk of my host for support. They told me I didn't need to move to wordpress at all, but just host my blogger blog with them by altering the DNS settings. I did this - it was way easy. I could't believe I had stalled on this for so long when it was such a simple things to do!

At the end of last week I tried to do the same for another blog that I contribute to for a charity organisation. What I had done before didn't work so I contacted the help desk again. During this conversation it emerged that although I am paying them a monthly hosting fee, they are not hosing my blog at all - blogger is. All that I had done was change the address of my blogger blog. (This is what I thought I had done, but the guy specifically assured me that this wasn't the case!). And so, it seems I have been paying for hosting for 6 months which I am not using, but need to keep it to be able to manage the DNS settings. Grrr!

Now I have just heard from Google that I have used up all me free photo storage. I have had no choice right now but to start to pay them (approx £3 a month when you include the international transaction fee). So, I am thinking that I might actually finally take the plunge and move everything to a self hosted wordpress blog.

I have done lots of research online and found a few things that might be useful.

This blog about which is best - but it is old, and apparently comparing the free version of wordpress not the self hosted one.

This one which does actually talk about the self hosted version of wordpress, but I don't know when it was written

And this one, which is the most recent post on actually how to do it that I can find.

This is where I need your help.

Should I do it?

Do you know of a good place to find (up to date) instructions on how to go about it?

Does everything move across (i.e. comments and photos etc)?

Will I then be able to delete photos in my google account to free up space and stop paying google?

Anything else I should be aware of?

How long is it likely to take?

If you have done this or know anything about it I would really appreciate your comments. If I go ahead  I am going to try and do it in the first week of Jan, when DD is here to take care of BB for a couple of days. Thanks in advance for your help.

Update - I got lots of help with this, thanks everyone who commented here or on Google+ . I thought it worth adding a link to this which I was sent, just in case anyone reading this is pondering the same thing

And I have decided to stay with Blogger!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Is it watermelon?

slices of watermelon

We, once again my weight has continued it's steady downward path, but also once again I have had a dodgy belly. I had to introduce oranges today. Immediately after eating them I had to rush to the loo. Again, as on Saturday this happened so fast I would be fairly sure it's not the oranges. Obviously I will re test at a later date to be sure, but for now I am looking back at all the foods I have introduced in the last few days. One food that I ate today, and Saturday, but not yesterday, is watermelon. I ate the watermelon this morning as soon as I got up, the oranges were about an hour later (actually I almost forgot that I had to introduce a food today).

I have done a little research on the internet and it seems that watermelon commonly has these effects on people (see and ). So, for now watermelon is off the menu too. Luckily I was disappointed with it anyway - it just doesn't taste the same here as it does in Australia.

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