Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grey Hair Reversal

So, it's now more than 6 weeks since I had my hair dyed, yet on looking in the mirror I see that the usual grey line at the roots is not there... there are some greys of course, but nowhere near as many as usual. I asked my sister to check, just in case (since turning 40 a couple of weeks ago) my eyesight is failing me. She agreed - considerably less grey!

What is going on?

Of course - I googled it!

Can grey hair turn be reversed?

It seems that it can be. Stopping smoking and drinking, taking folic acid (since before I was pregnant), and brewers yeast (in the lactation cookies I ate in BB's early days) are apparently all things that can help reverse grey hair!

Maybe I wont be the white haired mum at the school gate after all!
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1 comment:

  1. I recently had my own hair experiment, where I didn't dye it for nearly 6 months and truly discovered just how grey I was. I need to get on to those cookies.