Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well, if you were to look in my garage, I think you'd probably say that you could see the progress. Rubble cleared up, waste pipes in, trench filled, a start on the wall at the front.

If you looked in my living space you might suspect that world war 3 had started. The lounge is currently filled with little piles and packaging as I get ready to launch my e-bay items this afternoon. All the photographing and description writing, weighing and pricing feels a bit overwhelming at the moment, so I thought I'd procrastinate a little and write this.

My kitchen isn't looking a great deal better than the lounge. I came home from dinner with my family last Sunday only to walk into the kitchen and get wet feet as water squelched out from between the floor panels. A little investigation led me to the discover that a pipe under the sink was leaking. I turned the water off to stop it getting any worse, and went to bed.

Monday was therefore spent locating a plumber, and the house insurance policy. The house insurance turned out to be in the place it should be - in the filing cabinet, in the insurance file - but it was hard to find amidst all the other paperwork in that file. Once it had been located, plumber found and insurance contacted, I returned to that folder and decided to sort it out. Did I really need to keep the insurance policy for storage, when all worldly goods were in Alice Springs, or for the shipment of them from Australia to here?  I don't suppose last year's insurance policy is of a great deal of use either!

So, the shredding began. Half a wheelie bin later I was feeling very satisfied and added a new category to my 'getting rid' post. The mood continued two days later at work when I sorted through all my work files. I'm liking this new theme.

Other big achievements are that I finally finished Rachel's beanie and posted it to her before the end of winter. I also finally sorted out my old computer, reset it to factory settings and reloaded all the software so that it is good as new. I was planing on selling it on ebay, but recently found a much better home for it with my lovely Claire.  She needs a new computer so that she can finally finish off that PhD of hers. This morning I found myself buying a new battery for it before I pass it on. The battery is totally dead, so if it is unplugged for a second everything goes off - now we can't have that happening when Claire is writing her final chapter can we? I find it quite amusing that I awkwardly used the computer with a dead battery and an Aussie power cord for 2 years, and now that I am passing it on I buy a new battery and suddenly have the idea to replace the plug with a British one...

Ah well, I guess I should stop this and get back to the piles in the lounge...
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