Monday, February 14, 2011

To Oxytocin, with love!

Being Valentine's day and all that, I thought I would dedicate a little post to oxytocin.

Although my conscious mind isn't looking for a relationship right now  (too many other things to think about, and not too keen on the thought of being seen in the buff with my current physique!)  it seems that every night, in my dreams, I fall in love.

I have been finding this quite bizarre, but every night it happens. I meet the love of my life. It's like I am falling in love in the way I was supposed to, but never did. With someone normal, and balanced and honest and kind who loves me back. Usually young and good looking too, but that's just a bonus. No, I'm not a cradle snatcher - in my dreams I am young too!

I mentioned this to a couple of friends and said I think it must be hormones, but today I came across this info on oxytocin.

It seems that baby Bliss is making me ooze love hormones.

I love you baby Bliss!
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1 comment:

  1. oh yes baby! I can send you an article I've written on oxytocin, it will be your best pal in labour! x