Sunday, February 27, 2011

More sneaky previews of Mr Bump

Mr Bump
On Tuesday I went for my 20 week scan and so got see my baby for the second time. For those not in the know, the second scan is the 'anomaly' scan, where they check for a number of possible birth defects. I am happy to report that everything went well and the sonographer could see nothing that caused any concern. Unfortunately she wasn't quite as good at photography as the lady I saw last time, but here is the best of the 3 pics she took.

It was lovely that donor daddy got to come too this time. We were both amazed at the detail you could see. We were able to watch the blood pass through the heart and around the body to the the organs.  Baby Bliss is just slightly bigger than average (332g), and measured in at 2 days older than he really is. And yes (you may have noticed the male references throughout this post) it is a boy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

To Oxytocin, with love!

Being Valentine's day and all that, I thought I would dedicate a little post to oxytocin.

Although my conscious mind isn't looking for a relationship right now  (too many other things to think about, and not too keen on the thought of being seen in the buff with my current physique!)  it seems that every night, in my dreams, I fall in love.

I have been finding this quite bizarre, but every night it happens. I meet the love of my life. It's like I am falling in love in the way I was supposed to, but never did. With someone normal, and balanced and honest and kind who loves me back. Usually young and good looking too, but that's just a bonus. No, I'm not a cradle snatcher - in my dreams I am young too!

I mentioned this to a couple of friends and said I think it must be hormones, but today I came across this info on oxytocin.

It seems that baby Bliss is making me ooze love hormones.

I love you baby Bliss!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red walls and silver floors

Yet more progress in the garage.

The door has gone and a wall has been put in place of it - with a space for the window of course. The floor has been levelled, and the 7 inches of underfloor insulation are currently being installed.

Resources for Donor Dads

I was talking with our donor dad on the phone last weekend about stuff that's out there on the web by and for donor dads. Very little it seemed. There are hundreds of websites for mums, several for 'choice' mums, but little for dads, and even less for donor dads.

My search to find such a thing led me to email Emma from Free Sperm Donors Worldwide. This is a website that I had looked at before life brought donor dad and myself together (I know I promised to post that story - I will soon!). FSDW was set up by Emma because she believes that there are enormous benefits to private sperm donation and co-parenting arrangements as opposed to sperm donation through a clinic or ordering sperm from a sperm bank. 

As it happened, Emma had also noticed this lack of resourcing for donor dads and so was working on a web forum to connect and support donor children and donor dads around the world. is still being developed,  but the forum is already live. My Donor Dad came about through the children deserve to know where they come from campaign, which was also started by Emma.

Thank you so much Em - you are doing great things for so many mums and dads and children - we really appreciate your work.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well, if you were to look in my garage, I think you'd probably say that you could see the progress. Rubble cleared up, waste pipes in, trench filled, a start on the wall at the front.

If you looked in my living space you might suspect that world war 3 had started. The lounge is currently filled with little piles and packaging as I get ready to launch my e-bay items this afternoon. All the photographing and description writing, weighing and pricing feels a bit overwhelming at the moment, so I thought I'd procrastinate a little and write this.

My kitchen isn't looking a great deal better than the lounge. I came home from dinner with my family last Sunday only to walk into the kitchen and get wet feet as water squelched out from between the floor panels. A little investigation led me to the discover that a pipe under the sink was leaking. I turned the water off to stop it getting any worse, and went to bed.

Monday was therefore spent locating a plumber, and the house insurance policy. The house insurance turned out to be in the place it should be - in the filing cabinet, in the insurance file - but it was hard to find amidst all the other paperwork in that file. Once it had been located, plumber found and insurance contacted, I returned to that folder and decided to sort it out. Did I really need to keep the insurance policy for storage, when all worldly goods were in Alice Springs, or for the shipment of them from Australia to here?  I don't suppose last year's insurance policy is of a great deal of use either!

So, the shredding began. Half a wheelie bin later I was feeling very satisfied and added a new category to my 'getting rid' post. The mood continued two days later at work when I sorted through all my work files. I'm liking this new theme.

Other big achievements are that I finally finished Rachel's beanie and posted it to her before the end of winter. I also finally sorted out my old computer, reset it to factory settings and reloaded all the software so that it is good as new. I was planing on selling it on ebay, but recently found a much better home for it with my lovely Claire.  She needs a new computer so that she can finally finish off that PhD of hers. This morning I found myself buying a new battery for it before I pass it on. The battery is totally dead, so if it is unplugged for a second everything goes off - now we can't have that happening when Claire is writing her final chapter can we? I find it quite amusing that I awkwardly used the computer with a dead battery and an Aussie power cord for 2 years, and now that I am passing it on I buy a new battery and suddenly have the idea to replace the plug with a British one...

Ah well, I guess I should stop this and get back to the piles in the lounge...