Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was absolutely horrified at work today when a woman easily twice my size (and not pregnant!) commented that I was very big! How dare she. I wanted to say "so what's your excuse?" but I managed to bite my tongue.

I am definitely growing in size though, and am surprised myself by how fast this is happening, though having seen pictures of other people at a similar stage I don't believe I am too out of the ordinary. Earlier on in the day a rather more polite person (a student and not a teacher!) asked me if I was pregnant. She is the first person to have asked and I was so chuffed that people can now notice my bump. Here it is:

I am definitely starting to feel better too. For the last couple of weeks all of the books and emails have been telling me how I should be blooming... blooming mad if I read that again more like! But thinking back, I can remember days when I felt a lot worse than I do now. My hair is definitely benefiting, though my skin is not doing so well, and I can do more before I collapse in a heap. 

Another thing, I have only 76 more working days - not that I am counting of course, after all, who will boost my self esteem once I leave the nurturing environment of my workplace?

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