Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The magic 12 week milestone

Well, I have passed the magic 12 week milestone and so am now officially in the second trimester of pregnancy. I am still not totally 'public' with the news, but more and more people are in the know. As time has gone on and I have gotten used to the idea that I am actually pregnant, the more difficult it has become to keep a secret from those around me, and the more I know I'll need their support if something goes wrong.

Tomorrow I have my first scan, so once that is done I'll go public for sure. I am slightly nervous about it, but in general I have the feeling that all is well. I am excited at the thought of seeing my little munchkin for the first time.

My pregnancy has been great so far. I've had no morning sickness but some serious nausea. I have also learned a new definition of tiredness - no one told me about that! I have found great comfort and joy in feeling sick and tired, as it has reassured me that all is well with the little bean - I am looking forward to the energy returning though.

I am already too fat for most of my clothes and my belly has already popped out. I am a bit concerned by the weight I have gained but according to the midwife I shouldn't be, she said it's either just because of the reduced activity (hopefully changing as the energy returns) or  twins! Now I would love to have two children, and I guess if they both come at once that would save me doing it all again, but I was thinking of just one at a time...

And so tomorrow I look forward to a head count and a heart beat.
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